If you have suffered injury as a result of an accident in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, England or Wales you may be able to make a compensation claim for damages. Accidents can cause severe injuries, anxiety and stress that affects you in a number of ways such as your ability to drive, sleep, exercise and work.

Free Consultation and No Cost

Our specialist Personal Injury Lawyers offer a free consultation and we can arrange to have your injuries assessed by a specialist. All Legal Costs/Fees are paid by the Insurance Company on the successful conclusion of your claim. This means that making a successful Personal Injury Claim will cost you nothing and we ensure that you will keep 100% of your compensation.

What is Personal Injury

When you suffer a personal injury, it means that another party has breached their duty of care towards you causing you harm/injury. The most common Personal Injuries are due to Road Traffic Accidents and Accidents at Work. Regardless of the circumstances, if you are wrongfully injured, you need to speak to a legal expert about claiming compensation. We are able to help you with accidents such as:

  • Accidents at work/Health and safety claims
  • Car accidents/Passenger accidents/Whiplash claims
  • Cycling accidents
  • Industrial injuries
  • Slipping and tripping accidents
  • Holiday Sickness Injuries

Road Traffic Accidents

Every year, road traffic accidents cost thousands of lives, 40,000 serious injuries, 3 million NHS bed days, huge trauma, illness, and absenteeism. Whether you suffer injury as a pedestrian, a motorist or a passenger we will be on hand to guide you through the litigation process. It is important that an injured party receives compensation in respect of damage to their property, any loss of earnings suffered or envisaged and any personal injuries suffered taking into account any difficulties that these injuries may cause the injured person over the course of their life. We are adept at dealing with Whiplash Injuries in a fast, efficient and cost-free manner.

Accidents at Work

To avoid an accident at work occurring your employer must try to ensure that you carry out your work in the safest way possible bearing in mind the type of job that you do, the materials and equipment that you work with and the tasks involved. Employers need to ensure that the place, or places, where you work and their premises in general are safe for their staff. Victims and their families suffer in the form of pain, grief and loss of amenity as a result of an accident at work. We specialise in accident at work claim areas such as the construction industry, injuries involving lifting or manual handling, exposure to harmful or dangerous substances, accidents arising from falls, trips or slips, and employees exposed to violent attacks or physical assaults.

Trips, Slips & Falls

Trips, slips and falls are amongst some of the most common causes of personal injury. It is very easily done but some trips, slips and falls can cause serious and life threatening injuries. The more serious injuries can have a devastating effect on your life causing you to give up your job or leading to you being incapable of working. The majority of trips, slips and falls compensation claims are due to defective pavements on a public highway, slips in supermarkets and shops, playground accidents or trips and falls on private property, council houses or in the workplace.

Holiday Sickness Claims

If you become ill then naturally your first priority is to seek medical attention as soon as possible, but there are some things you can do to help yourself and any potential claim:

  • Stay hydrated and seek medical attention as soon as possible.
  • Report your illness to your holiday rep or hotel.
  • Document any issues with food or hygiene by taking photos or videos.
  • Retain any receipts/records of any attendances at clinics, hospitals and/or pharmacies

Possible symptoms might include vomiting, headaches, higher temperature, diarrhoea, nausea and/or stomach/abdominal pain. If you suffer such symptoms and it is due to conditions/food at your resort you may be able to claim however it usually needs to be a package holiday (flight and accommodation together). This means you are covered by the Package Holiday Regulations.

Catastrophic Injury Claims

Spinal Injury, Brain Injury & Amputation Claims

A catastrophic injury is a life changing injury such as a spinal injury, brain injury or amputation. Our Managing Director Gareth McCay takes particular interest in advising and assisting those who have suffered such injuries as he has first-hand knowledge of the effects of a catastrophic injury. Gareth had an accident in 2008 resulting in both amputation and a C3/C4 spinal cord injury, spending 10 months in Musgrave Park Hospital’s Spinal Rehabilitation Centre. Gareth is well placed to empathize with a client’s physical and emotional challenges and fights hard for those clients to ensure that they are suitably compensated in both the short/long term. We go the extra mile to help our clients and their families engaging the best experts and counsel at our disposal.

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